Information for Parents, Carers and Students (updated 18/10/2021)
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Hi all,

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Updated Info 18.10.2021

Take care and stay safe all


Hi all,

I would like to inform you of the staggered drop off and pick up times following the commencement of the staged return to onsite learning from Monday 18/10/2021. This is applicable to all the students who do not travel on the bus services.

Drop Off: After 9.10am

Pick Up: Between 2.30pm - 2.45pm 

These arrangements will avoid unnecessarry congestion in the entrance area.

Please be reminded that the 22/11/2021 and 6/12/2021 are designated student free days.

Take care and stay safe


The Victorian Government announced a continuation of the current lockdown with further restrictions and requirements. 

The current arrangements for remote and flexible learning remain in place, although it will be a requirement to produce a work permit if you are an authorised worker.

As in previous lockdown periods our school will continue to provide on-site supervision for students in the following categories:

Children where both parents and / or carers are considered authorised workers who cannot work from home

Children experiencing vulnerability

As in previous lockdown periods please email the school if you believe your child might be eligible to attend on-site supervision.

Where there are two parents/carers, both must be authorised workers, working outside the home in order for their child to be eligible for on-site supervision.

For single parents/carers, the authorised worker must be working outside the home in order for their child to be eligible for on-site supervision.

To be considered as an authorised worker please attach a current and up to date Authorised Worker Permit for all supervising adults at your home.

Thank you for your continued support and for keeping all of our students safe during these challenging times for all.

I will continue to keep you updated with information as it is made available.

Should you wish to discuss any of the information provided please do not hesitate to contact the school on 5987 2649.

Take care and stay safe

All families have been advised of their login details for our new SENTRAL communication system. Please make sure you follow the instructions provided to gain access to SENTRAL for all updated information and your child's reports.

SENTRAL, together with our school website will become our main communication tool with our families and the only access point for your child's reports.

Please read below information regarding CSEF applications
CSEF Parent Info
Annual Privacy Reminder

Our school collects, uses, discloses and stores student and parent personal information for standard school functions and where permitted by law, as stated in the Schools' Privacy Policy, see link below:

Schools' Privacy Policy

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Insurance Reminder

Parents and carers are reminded that Peninsula Specialist College has no whole school accident insurance policy.
  • Parents and carers of students, who do not have student accident insurance, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs.
  • DET does not hold insurance for personal property brought to school and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property.
  • Parents and carers can purchase insurance policies from commercial insurers.