Physiotherapy services are delivered as part of the education program and are directed towards education outcomes for students with disability who have difficulties with posture and movement or neuro sensory motor development.

 Physio Terapy - Bike Ed

The purpose of physiotherapy is to promote health and wellbeing, self-management, physical activity and development of motor function in order to facilitate students' access, participation and achievement in education.


Physiotherapy has been all about bike riding in 2016! After purchasing 2 new tricycles and getting 5 others donated to the school, our students have been enjoying improving their riding skills this year in class groups or as members of our “Super8’s” Girl’s Group or Friday Leisure Boy’s Bike Group.


The students have been learning to ride safely, weave in and out of obstacle courses, ride up and down hills, race each other on the hockey courts or beat their Personal Best time around the bike track. Well done to all our amazing bike riders on a fantastic year!