Peninsula Specialist College offers a Music Program to all students across the school. The Primary Department have weekly Music sessions throughout the year, and Secondary Department access Music one semester each year. Music is available to our VCAL and PCAL students as an elective subject.

Our Music room is a dedicated learning space for scheduled Music classes and Choir. Primary and Secondary Choir is offered weekly for all students interested in engaging in voice tuition and vocal activities, to learn lyrics and songs to sing at school performances.   Kareoke Club is a fun, engaging experience for student enjoyment.

The Music Department is well-resourced with a range of percussion instruments, drum kits, guitars, class sets of keyboards, xylophones, djembes and ukuleles. A digital hub connects instruments electronically for band sessions. A set of 6 iPads compliments the use of digital technologies to support music curriculum. Students create and compose their own musical masterpieces using digital technologies to playback their compositions using iPads, and record traditional acoustic and digital instruments. The latest technology is utilized to showcase and access music using iPad and MacBook connectivity to stream, air play and share music within the classroom.

Students experience music through the strands Explore & Express Ideas, Music Practice, Respond & Interpret, Present & Perform. All students practice techniques for using the voice, sing and play a variety of instruments appropriately. Students use expressive possibilities and learn to work as part of a team to play and share instuments, and showcase their creativity and self-expression through solo performances.


Individualised Adjustments

All students have access to a range of accessible technologies within Music classes. Digital instruments such as Beamz, Skoog, iPad Apps and web-based software ie. YouTube are utilized to engage all students of all abilities to experience Music though a variety of sensory modes, including visual, auditory and tactile experiences. Differentiated curriculum and modified activities cater for all students to explore music and achieve musical success with their peers.


Music in the Primary Department

The students explore body percussion ie. clap, tap and stomp their body parts along to songs. The students sing and play instruments to practice chants, songs and rhymes, learning to respond to play and stop, song and silence. The students experience a variety of cultural music and play traditional Australian instruments along to Indigenous Australian and Torres Strait Islander songs. The students learn the lyrics to ‘I Am Australian’ and our school song ‘Bunjil the Eagle’. The students experience live performances, this year The Playground Craze visited our school to perform The Happiness Habit, singing songs about being respectful, resilient and responsible. Last year the Australian Youth Orchestra visited our school to work with students to create musical soundscapes using a range of percussion and orchestral instruments.

All students experience a musical journey around the world, learning about music and the origins of instruments from different cultures and countries, and use these experiences to sing and play instruments to create music including those used by cultural groups. The students learn to play the djembe drum and work as a team in drum circles to play simple rhythms and perform solos for their class. Students create their own music using iPad Apps to play instruments from different countries and explore digital instruments to create their own compositions.


Music in the Secondary Department

Senior students also experience a musical journey around the world, learning how to play instruments from different countries and cultures, and learn about the origins of traditional music/composers. Djembe drum circles, guitar, keyboard and instrumental group rotations are experienced throughout the Secondary years.  

Senior students learn to work as a team and play instruments together as part of a group. Technology in music education is embraced, utilizing a range of software that explores creating and composing, editing and mixing through digital programs ie. Garage Band, MadPad, iMovie, LaunchPad and Incredibox. Original compositions are created using downloaded music to explore and edit lyrics, layer instrumental compositions within songs, personalize and individualize student interests and personal choices. Students create their own music song tracks, ring tones and backing music to support their iMovie, Video Star or Stik Bot animation video clips.

Senior Elective students learn to play a range of instruments along to songs, read simple music notation, and perform their musical creations for their class peers. The students play keyboards, drums and guitars, and explore the role these instruments play within music and songs. Students experience playing instruments as part of a band, working as a team member to play their instrumental role.