Visual Arts

Visual Arts is one of the universal languages all human beings understand and use to communicate. We use art to understand who we are, our places in the world, and the meaning of our lives. Art allows one to express ourselves and to speak to others across time and place.

At Peninsula Specialist College Visual Art provides students with more than just engaging learning experiences but also an outlet for self-expression. Creative experiences can help children express and cope with their feelings whilst also fostering mental growth by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Peninsula Specialist College offers weekly Visual Arts programs including additional Friday Visual Art Electives available for senior school students and a weekly lunchtime Art club. Our students engage in a wide variety of different artistic experiences using a multitude of different media within a curriculum tailored to suit students individual learning needs.

Individualised adjustments

Peninsula Specialist College provides an all-inclusive Visual Arts program where students of all abilities are able to participate and increase their skills and knowledge in a safe and engaging learning environment. We provide multi-sensory resources and programs; fine motor activities, sand, water dye paintings, light boxes, rice, beading and threading, messy play, nature art and box construction.

Visual Arts in the Primary Department

Visual Art builds on the Early Years Learning Framework. Students are engaged through purposeful and creative play in structured activities, fostering a strong sense of wellbeing and developing their connection with and contribution to the world.


Students explore the arts and learn how artworks can represent the world and that they can make artworks to represent their ideas about the world. They share their artworks with peers and experience being an audience to respond to others’ art making.

Visual Arts allows students to explore on artworks from a range of cultures, times and locations whilst building on their own experiences and curiosity of the world


Junior students will experiment and explore with a range of resources and methods that include box constructions, marks, paper mache, sewing, bags, pillows, tie dye, kites, dioramas, recyclable materials and sustainable art.


Visual Arts in the Secondary Department

Students draw on artworks from a range of cultures, times and locations. As they make and respond to the arts, students explore meaning and interpretation, and social and cultural contexts of the arts. Students develop their understanding and use of technical skills to communicate their ideas and engage with artworks as artists and audiences.

Students test and innovate with properties and qualities of available materials, techniques, technologies and processes whilst explore a diversity of ideas, design elements and principles, concepts and viewpoints as they make and respond to visual artworks as artists and audiences.

Senior students create artworks using a range of materials and methods including tie dye, print making, screen printing, sculpture, sewing, skateboard designs, identity drawings, charcoal drawings, water-colour painting, furniture design, bark paintings, dream catches and 2D and 3D viewpoint sketches.