Digital Technologies

We live in a world where digital technology is constantly evolving. Therefore, we provide our students with the skills, knowledge and thinking to learn how to approach digital technology in their lives. Peninsula Specialist College provides an engaging environment and inclusive curriculum that embraces digital technology.

Peninsula Specialist College has an Information Technology program with weekly or fortnightly lessons across P-12. There are 40 iPad’s and a classroom set of laptops that classrooms can access weekly to enrich their classroom programs. iPad’s are also utilized in cross-curricula areas of the school; music and therapy. All classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards/Panels and additional desktop computers. Students access a variety of programs across the school such as ABC Reading Eggs, Matific, Letterland, Handwriting Without Tears, PECS, Galaxy Maths and Help Kidz Learn. Our student intranet provides cross curricula opportunities for students to engage in Literacy, Numeracy, Music, Science, the Arts, Health, Integrated Studies and Sensory development on computers and iPads.

Our Digital Technology program enables students to become confident and creative developers of digital programs through the application of information systems and specific ways of thinking about problem solving. Students explore various digital systems to operate a program while developing gross and fine motor skills, for example using a keyboard to type, a mouse or stylus to draw and using appropriate pressure to activate a key.


Individualised adjustments

All students have access to a range of assistive technology. This allows students with physical or learning disabilities to understand the subject material and to participate actively in their classes.

Assistive software including speech recognition, picture communication, cause and effect programs, screen-reading tools and adjusted settings, text-to-speech solutions for the visually impaired; and sound amplifiers and closed-captioning applications. Alternatives equipment and hardware are available to cater to the involvement of all needs such as keyboards, mouse’s, switches and mounting devices.


Digital Technology in the Primary Department

In the primary department, digital technology is accessed in the students’ classroom through the use of iPads, desktop computers and interactive whiteboards. Student’s participate in a weekly specialist class in digital technology.

In the initial stages, the focus of IT classes in the Primary years is to develop the students’ self-regulation around the use of technology. Students are given strategies to understand boundaries around technology and its use in the ICT classroom. They will have had opportunities to experience and react to a range of digital software and hardware through explorative learning and guided play and integrated learning. Students will use a variety of ways to communicate choice making, problem solving and interest areas through individualised and whole group scheduling.

In Primary years, students will identify hardware and software components of digital systems when creating ideas and information using programs such as Microsoft Word to display text and images. Peninsula Specialist College focuses on emotions and regulation towards the use of technology engaging students in a combination of visual, auditory, sensory and kinesthetic ways.


Upper Primary curriculum begins to expand and embed collaboration to create and design artwork, construction, movies, representing data and presentation using programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Lego Digital Designer, Paint, StikBot and Piviot animation. Furthermore, having a large focus on developing knowledge and awareness of cyber safety and making safe and responsible technology decisions.


Digital Technology in the Secondary Department

Senior school technology allows increased communication and collaboration within and beyond the classroom. We promote safe and responsible ways, to improve student learning. Students learn how to use technology in a more responsible and strategic way, which can help them in decision-making, problem solving and can also encourage self-regulation. Additionally, technology has a role to play in any industry, hence the use of technology in education will help prepare students for the real-world environment and to help them achieve their future careers and skills for community involvement.

Peninsula Specialist College encourages programs that promote good uses of technology and skill development. Students’ progress from managing the creation of their own ideas and information for sharing to working collaboratively. In doing so, students learn to negotiate and develop plans to complete tasks. When designing, they consider how users will interact with the solutions, and check and validate their designs to increase the likelihood of creating working solutions. They design advertisements, product design, posters, videos, movies, trailers, animations and comics based on interest and shared themes. They complete brainstorms, research plans, design briefs, story boards, mock-ups and presentations.

Peninsula Specialist Colleges acknowledges that education on cyber safety is an important tool in this digital day and age. Our school community provides a vision, a set of guiding principles, and practical tools and resources that will help students to build awareness, strategies and knowledge to create safety and wellbeing. We encourage students to consider ways of managing the use of social media and online gaming to maintain privacy needs, for example activating privacy settings to avoid divulging personal information such as photographs, addresses and names, and recognising that all digital interactions are difficult to erase (digital footprints).


Upper senior school students focus on promoting independence and developing presentation and life skills such as job prospects, resumes and setting up skills for job opportunities. There is a large emphasis on layout and composition of work and assessments to provided consistent, structured and engaging representation of information and data.



STEM at Peninsula Specialist College is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through STEM, students will develop key skills including:

  • problem solving
  • creativity
  • teamwork
  • independent thinking
  • initiative
  • communication
  • digital literacy.

Primary: Bee-Bots

Early years students to will be introduced to STEM through our exciting new robots designed for primary students called Bee-Bots. Bee-bots allow students to develop an understanding of coding, sequencing, estimation and problem solving in a fun, engaging and concrete way.

Senior: Sphero Robots
Sphero robots allow students to take on hands-on learning through technology. The robots are Bluetooth SMART, programmable sensor motor encoders that include LED lights, accelerometer and gyroscope for many coding experiences through play. The multi-sensory programing allows students to drag and drop actions, controls and operators to allow the robot to navigate, paint, swim across paper. Students control robots from an iPad fostering collaborative practice and creative STEM activities.