Science is all around us in our every day lives. It is a study of our natural world and begins when young children explore their environment and start to make sense of the world that surrounds them.

At Peninsula Specialist College we encourage and teach the primary and the secondary students to engage in the natural world and build science concepts, understandings and science language. During the summer, Autumn and Spring seasons the students work and learn in our school Vegetable Garden and other garden areas throughout the school. A major  part of our Biological and Environmental Science program stems from this “outdoor” classroom.

During science learning the students develop a range of science process skills which include observing, questioning, predicting, comparing, identifying, measuring classifying and communicating.

During the winter months the science lessons take place in the classrooms and we focus on other science learning areas such as,

  • Chemical Sciences - Understanding solids, liquids and gases and how they can interact and be manipulated.
  • Earth and Space Sciences –Exploring earth’s structure and the solar system. Understanding Day and Night and The Seasons and how it affects student’s environments. Students build awareness of living and non-living earth materials which include water, soil, rocks, sand and mud.
  • Physical Sciences – Understanding the nature of Forces and Motion relating to weather and how it effects our environment.


Individual Adjustments

The Science program offers hands-on inquiry learning with the support of adjusted equipment and visual augmentative communication to enhance participation and understanding across classroom and outdoor learning spaces.

Science across the School

Our students participate in weekly, one-hour science lessons. The classroom teacher takes one lesson a fortnight and the other lesson is taken by a specialist science teacher. Each year different areas of interest are focused on in the biological and environmental science areas. The other science learning areas are taught on a rotational basis.

In order to broaden and enrich our science program we organise incursions for our students where we have science educators visit students. For example, students can explore planets in a planetarium, experience ‘Fur, Feathers and Scales’ excursion to Moonlight Sanctuary and interaction with animals from parrots to turtles. Southern Peninsula Schools organise an annual Science Fair, where students from our primary and secondary participate in this collaborative event.