Strengthening Pathways

Strengthening Pathways is a career education program, where students at PSC can access, experience, explore and prepare them for knowledgeable skills within the local community. As a school, we recognise that the traditional concept of a ‘career’ has now expanded to include organised and meaningful educational and vocational, where an individual contributes to their community and to their personal wellbeing and mindfulness. Activities may include volunteering, training and involvement in organised programs. As part of PSC Strengthening Pathways Program, our students have the opportunity to take part in Community Access excursions to a multiple of Local Community organisations:

Mt Martha Lifesaving Club- Students learn about being safe in and around water, swimming between the flags, the use of rescue tubes, paddle boards and stand up paddle boards. Students learn about basic resuscitation and first aid. Rock Pool Ramble- Identification of Marine and Bird Life
Beach Clean Up -Volunteer Group from Safety Beach and Dromana work with the students to collect rubbish from the local beach and foreshore. Students identify, classify and sort rubbish and learn about the impact rubbish has on the marine life and the environment.
Dromana Community Gardens- Students volunteer to maintain garden landscapes through weeding, watering, turning soil, racking, pruning, cultivating, planting, transplanting seedlings and learning the difference between fertilising.
Sages Cottage- Students have the opportunity to engage and explore the Animal Husbandry. During their time at Sages Cottage, students become familiar with all animals and undertake tasks that involve feeding animals (chickens and pigs), exercising goats, pet care and grooming.
Dromana Plaza- students become familiar with the local shop and cafe. Students work on money skills to purchase morning tea from the café and purchase items from a shopping list at the supermarket.

Students also participate in travel training, personal fitness, social wellbeing classes and mindfulness sessions and undertake a ‘Job Well Done Program’ and a simple individual Career Action Plan.