Parent Involvement

At Peninsula Specialist College, we understand the importance of forming practical and positive relationships with parents/carers and community members. For this reason we provide many opportunities for contact with members of the College community.

The College is well supported by a dedicated College Council to whom reports on all aspects of the College are made. The College has received financial support from several community organizations which has assisted to enhance the quality of resources and facilities used in the delivery of student programs.


Peninsula Specialist College serves the community by providing valuable work experience and training to students from various local secondary Colleges, workplaces, tertiary institutions and community training facilities.


Peninsula Specialist College School Council has sub committees for fundraising and grounds. The Springtime Fair, special fundraising efforts and specialist programs are always in need of help and involvement.


If you would like to help our fundraising comitees or have a fundraising idea or proposal, feel free to contact the school:
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and remember to check the newsletter reguarly for updates: Click Here.

For information on School Council please Click Here.