School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

At Peninsula Specialist College we strive to support our students in all areas of their learning; academic, physical and social/emotional.

Understanding student behaviour is a key to helping our students achieve the best possible outcomes at school, home and in the community. All staff are being trained as part of the Department of Education framework called School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support. This process will build the capacity of our staff to prevent and respond to behaviour in a positive and consistent way across the school.

This is Peninsula Specialist College's Behaviour Expectations Matrix arcoss the school:

The initial school focus to implement positive behaviour support is taking place during recess and lunchtimes in the playground. With the use of visual lanyards staff are reinforcing positive behaviours when students are demonstrating expected behaviours for example including others and asking permission to leave the playground.


Below are examples of the expected behaviour in our school playground.